Copernicus Gold issues a digital asset that is linked to a stored value of gold.

Because Copernicus Gold is issued as digital gold, linked to a physical store of gold, owned by the issuer, the risks associated with market price fluctuations have been removed and the digital gold money is without risk of its buyout for unbacked fiat money.

Copernicus Gold is a digital asset linked to a physical store of gold, which is owned by the issuer. No more digital gold can be issued than is equivalent to the amount of stored gold in possession.

Similarly, Copernicus Gold is worth its weight in gold, so it cannot be compared to a commodity that has a value lower than its face value, such as fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.



Nicolaus Copernicus is born in Poland and subsequently moves to Italy. By the beginning of the 1500 he has become one of the greatest scholars in Europe. In his economics studies he notably wrote that "Bad money drives out good".


Sir Thomas Gresham is born in London. In his professional life as financier he founded the Royal Exchange in the City of London. He also further expanded Copernicus' studies about "Bad money drives out good".


"Bad money drives out good" becomes a monetary principle known as the Copernicus-Gresham's law. It remained an unsolved problem in economics until we solved it at Copernicus Gold.

June 2013

Professor Vladimir Frolov together with Alexey Romanchuk envision the idea of a digital gold platform based on blockchain technology

December 2013

Early internal development of the technology solution begins in Russia.

March 2014

An early version of the platform is created.

July 2014

A solution to the Copernicus-Gresham's law is found.


CPN Gold BV is incorporated in the Netherlands and international observers begin showing interest in the new concept promoted by Professor Frolov and Alexey Romanchuck.

April 2016

The Russian team grows fast and Copernicus Gold office for Central Asia is established in Yekaterinburg.

May 2016

An investments of USD 3,000,000 is attracted to fuel the operations globally

June 2016

Market expansion becomes a priority and Copernicus Gold Singapore is incorporated.

July 2016

Patent submission in the USA for the algorithm behind Copernicus Gold.

May 2017

The first gold bullion is purchased and Copernicus Gold become reality.

August 2017

Market launch in South East Asia.

August 2017

Copernicus Gold receives patent number US 9,747,586 В1 as "System and method for issuance of electronic currency substantiated by a reserve of assets" on 29/08/2017 from the UPSTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

September 2017

Copernicus Gold is featured on CNBC, Radio 938, Bloomberg Radio and other international media.

September 2017

Copernicus Gold counts 1,000 users.

September 2017

Copernicus Gold is accepted for payment of jewelry in 4 stores in Singapore.

December 2017

Copernicus Gold counts users in over 30 countries.

February 2018

Copernicus Gold issues a multicurrency (USD, EUR, SGD, GBP, Gold) Visa card that allows customers to purchased products and services in over 36 million locations globally.